By now I figure you’re probably ready for a wee break from all the ducks, so here is the first piece I recorded using my Arturia Keylab 49 essential, named after her (her, being my keyboard, Spectra).

Short, I know, but I’m pretty happy with it!

I absolutely love this keyboard (even though I have a lot to learn on it), and even though it’s currently still a little easier to plunk notes in by hand on the piano roll, I know that won’t always be the case if I keep working with her.

The percussion is made entirely using Andrew Huang’s Canada Sample Pack, specifically the sounds of a toque, syrup cans, and jingling loonies and toonies. Thanks, Andrew Huang! *high five*

Thanks so much for listening. And for the anatidaephiliacs out there, just know they’re returning next week.

Thanks so much for listening, and for visiting. I’m glad you’re here. 🙂

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