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The News!

Well, I think the cat’s already out of the bag, but just in case we’re not in constant contact, here’s the news I mentioned in passing.. I just received my official offer this morning for a PhD program at the University of Huddersfield! I’ll be starting next month, in mid-September.

I’ll be studying music through an evolutionary lens, specifically focusing in on the role that selection plays in music evolution. This is a very interdisciplinary project that will involve some creative computing, so there should be a lot to share! If you are interested in learning more about my program (or if you’d like to read my proposal, which always has the possibility of being a fine example of the best-laid-plans proverb), let me know!

More art and music are coming to this space, of course. But I thought this news needed its own post!

Thanks for being here and celebrating with me!

3 replies on “The News!”

Congratulations! Every time I read about this I am more impressed and excited for you, love from Northfield! xx

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