Music Music For Video Games That Don't Exist

Dara Baile

Oh hey! In truth, I’ve been composing here and there lately, but I haven’t made much time to post between work, research, and other things.

But here’s a cute little sketch I made for The Video Game That Doesn’t Exist; it’s the music for the second town; not the protagonist’s home, but their first stop. This is the place that lets the hero know that they will find other pockets of peace along their journey.

“Oh, you’re looking for the Carpenter? He’s in the green house, to the north of here.”

As with most of my other work, I wrote this using the free digital audio workstation LMMS and a really great set of free SF2 files provided by the St James Orchestra, which you can find on Zanderjaz.

I can’t say that I will be updating this more regularly, but I sure hope you don’t forget me in the gaps!

Are there any levels you’d like background music for? This video game doesn’t (and is likely to never) exist, so there are no wrong answers!

Thanks for listening. I appreciate you.

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