Music Music For Video Games That Don't Exist

Name Your Character

Here’s a fun little low-key piece I wrote in LMMS for a video game that doesn’t exist. This is the screen immediately before your adventure begins, wherein you are meant to input your protagonist’s name.

I tend to take the default name and double one of the consonants.

Hope you like it.

Thanks for listening!

Music Music For Video Games That Don't Exist

Ferret Girl

This is a faux side-scroller boss theme I wrote upon the suggestion of friend and fantastic vocal arranger Eric Hagmann. Be warned: although it’s just another chip tune, it’s a bit on the intense side compared with my usual work.

Hurry! Shoot apples at her or something!

I do enjoy writing music for video games that don’t exist. I wonder what this game would look like.

Thanks for listening!

Art Strays

Kerry’s Cake

My dear friend Kerry had difficulty procuring cake during lockdown for her birthday in January. This was the best I could do.

It’s the cake she deserves.

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Music Music For Video Games That Don't Exist

The Item Shop

Here’s a micro-tune I made for the item shop in the game that doesn’t exist. My main inspirations for this little tune were legends Keiichi Suzuki and Sue Kasper.

Hope you saved up hun, because we now have *blue potions* in stock!

This was written in LMMS, and most of the instruments I used can be found in the zynaddsubfx plugin. Making silly music like this can cost next to nothing if you know where to look. Let me know if you ever want any help getting started.

Thanks for listening!

Art Series Wild Magic

Teasel the Badger

This is Teasel, my second piece in the Wild Magic series. I drew them during a zoom Drink & Draw, hosted by my friend and colleague, PencilSword.

I don’t know what’s in that potion, but judging by their excitement, it’s probably tasty herbs decocted in molten honey.

It was PencilSword’s suggestion to make their eyes that golden amber colour, and I am delighted that I took his advice. I have really enjoyed my time drawing socially online, and these animal wizards really are a treat to make. I hope you like them as much as I do!

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Music Music For Video Games That Don't Exist

The Sunken

Here’s a piece I composed over a few days in LMMS for The Game That Doesn’t Exist. This underwater level was requested by my buddy D U N C on twitter. It ended up being a bit longer than I had anticipated, but I’m happy with its atmospheric background quality.

Best enjoyed with headphones on while doing something else

Hope you enjoy it! Thanks so much for listening!

Art Series Wild Magic


This is Rozzberrius, my first work in the Wild Magic series. I drew him during my very first zoom Drink & Draw, hosted by the amazing PencilSword.

Based on character suggestion by fellow artist Molly Nagel. Drawn with Krita and a geriatric Wacom Intuos 3

I am not sure if I intend on doing anything with these characters, but I am happy to have had the chance to create them. I’m not terribly experienced with Krita (the software I used), but I think the practice is helping, and I’m looking forward to doing more soon.

Hope you’re staying safe and warm out there, friends.

And thanks for visiting!

Collaborations Music

Ghost Poem

The ever-brilliant writer Ellis Bray sent me this haunting poem and I couldn’t help but sing it. This was haphazardly recorded on Audacity and a webcam microphone late on a Monday night, so please forgive the quality.

Here are the words.

By Ellis Bray

A ghost has gripped you from within
He watches while you live
He tallies each and every sin
He marks how much you give.

He does not dare to damage you
He cannot create pain.
His callous curiosity
Resists where you restrain.

That haunting, hollow subsidence
You feel fill your core
Can powerf’ly protect you when
You’re fain to fight him more.

That harrowed heart that is your shame
–Arterial and vain –It reaches and retakes your name
To let you live again.

You’ve got a ghost inside your skin
But do not be afraid
He wants to see the world within,
The life that you’ve remade.

He wants to see if you survived,If vengeance was repaid.

If you like this poem, I recommend following Ellis Bray on twitter. He’s always working on a myriad of creative projects and I’m lucky to have him as a friend and frequent creative partner.

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Music Music For Video Games That Don't Exist

A Frozen Kingdom

This is a short snippet piece I made in LMMS for a video game that doesn’t exist. It’s for the obligatory ice level.

Best enjoyed with a hot cup of cocoa.

Thanks for listening!

General Blather

Oh gosh, hi!

Hi! My name is Mandikat! I imagine if you’re here, you already know me, but just in case, here’s a little introduction. I’m a composer, musician, teacher, artist, and collaborator. I grew up in Minnesota, and I moved to Scotland with my husband in 2013. I have a BMus in music theory/composition and an MA in Interdisciplinary Graduate Studies, wherein I studied how art and music interact in the brain, and how that interaction influenced art and music history.

I’ve been making a variety of musical and artistic projects since before I can remember, and I finally decided to make a place to keep them all.

This is not a professional site, but rather a place to store all the silly things that I make for fun. Most of them would otherwise be sent to one or two people and then be discarded, so I’m happy that you’re here!

The menus will work a bit better once I have a bit of content, but they can also give you a little preview of what you can expect here once I start posting content.

I hope this brief introduction helps, and that we’ll all be really good friends in no time!

Nice to meet you!