Art Series Wild Magic

Teasel the Badger

This is Teasel, my second piece in the Wild Magic series. I drew them during a zoom Drink & Draw, hosted by my friend and colleague, PencilSword.

I don’t know what’s in that potion, but judging by their excitement, it’s probably tasty herbs decocted in molten honey.

It was PencilSword’s suggestion to make their eyes that golden amber colour, and I am delighted that I took his advice. I have really enjoyed my time drawing socially online, and these animal wizards really are a treat to make. I hope you like them as much as I do!

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Art Series Wild Magic


This is Rozzberrius, my first work in the Wild Magic series. I drew him during my very first zoom Drink & Draw, hosted by the amazing PencilSword.

Based on character suggestion by fellow artist Molly Nagel. Drawn with Krita and a geriatric Wacom Intuos 3

I am not sure if I intend on doing anything with these characters, but I am happy to have had the chance to create them. I’m not terribly experienced with Krita (the software I used), but I think the practice is helping, and I’m looking forward to doing more soon.

Hope you’re staying safe and warm out there, friends.

And thanks for visiting!