By now I figure you’re probably ready for a wee break from all the ducks, so here is the first piece I recorded using my Arturia Keylab 49 essential, named after her (her, being my keyboard, Spectra).

Short, I know, but I’m pretty happy with it!

I absolutely love this keyboard (even though I have a lot to learn on it), and even though it’s currently still a little easier to plunk notes in by hand on the piano roll, I know that won’t always be the case if I keep working with her.

The percussion is made entirely using Andrew Huang’s Canada Sample Pack, specifically the sounds of a toque, syrup cans, and jingling loonies and toonies. Thanks, Andrew Huang! *high five*

Thanks so much for listening. And for the anatidaephiliacs out there, just know they’re returning next week.

Thanks so much for listening, and for visiting. I’m glad you’re here. 🙂

April Ducks Art Series

April Ducks 4-6

Here are the next 3 fulfilments of the silly Duck Challenge that I undertook with my friends in the month of April. Prepare yourself for the aforementioned wildly varying degrees of quality!

The name for this one was DUCK, but in very glitchy font that I cannot replicate.

For those of you who are generally a fan of me and generally not fans of ducks (I wouldn’t mind seeing a venn diagram of that overlap), you may be relieved to know that next week’s post will be a musical one.

This duck may have been my favourite of the lot to draw. I’m a sucker for rainbows!

Actually while I have you here, folks within the venn diagram, I have to ask – what do I have that ducks don’t? Don’t get me wrong; I’m quite flattered by your preference, but if you are under the conception that I am in any way superior to a duck, I believe you may be missing some crucial pieces of information.

I mean, come ON.

That being said, if you rightfully prefer the drawing of ducks to my usual content, you’ll be delighted to hear that my next duck post, due to poor quality, will be compensated for in quantity. 4 ducks in a fortnight, folks. Get it down in your calendars.

Yes, I know I’m ridiculous.

Thank you for being here anyway. Quack Quack!

April Ducks Art Series

April Ducks 1 – 3

With May finally being upon us, I am happy to share that I have now completed a very, very silly challenge that a few buddies and I made for ourselves for the month of April. The challenge was to illustrate as many ducks (of varying degrees of quality) as reasonably possible between April 1st and April 30th.

Did I mention we had prescribed themes for each duck? We had prescribed themes for each duck.

Wouldn’t you believe it, I made it all the way to 22! That’s one for every weekday this April, so I’m quite pleased with myself. Some are certainly of higher quality than others, but all in all, 22 ducks in one month is nothing to sneeze at.

Can ducks sneeze? Intuitively I question whether they can.

Deciding on a plan on how to release these duck depictions (duckpictions?) has been a bit of a challenge. Releasing 22 ducks one at a time puts this space at a high risk of being “that blog with all the ducks”, but considering that each one of these illustrations took between 2-3 hours to make, I couldn’t justify spending upwards of 50 hours on a single blog post.

Here’s my solution: I’m going to release them in sets of 3 over the next few months, staggered with music and other current projects.

I cannot stress enough how ridiculous this project was, but I had a lovely time.

I quite enjoyed this project, and I hope you enjoy the ducks as they unfurl.

Thanks for visiting! Quack quack!

Music Music For Video Games That Don't Exist

The Villain’s Sad Backstory

Another silly little ditty for The Game That Doesn’t Exist. I think that a good portion of the games I’ve enjoyed have a villain with a backstory that explains their villainy. This music is designed to be the background music for their expository flashback.

“He never used to be like this. When we were children, we would play together. Until one day…”

Hope you enjoy it!

Thanks for listening!

Music Music For Video Games That Don't Exist

Jump the Gun

Here’s another fun little chiptune for The Game That Doesn’t Exist, a big of a fun swung Masato Nakamura inspired 8-chord loop piece. I imagine this being paired with a quick jump-based platformer, the kind where the camera keeps moving up, with or without you.

Before it had a name, I just called it “Dum Tikka Tak”

Hope you enjoy it! Thanks for listening!

Art Series Wild Magic


This is Sanna, my third work in the Wild Magic series. She was requested by my friend Kat, who has always been quite taken with red pandas.

After drawing this cute little thing, I’m quite taken with them too!

Made in Krita with my trusty Intuos 3. I’ve gone through a good number of styluses over the years, but my Wacom just keeps on ticking.

Thanks for visiting!

Music Music For Video Games That Don't Exist

Name Your Character

Here’s a fun little low-key piece I wrote in LMMS for a video game that doesn’t exist. This is the screen immediately before your adventure begins, wherein you are meant to input your protagonist’s name.

I tend to take the default name and double one of the consonants.

Hope you like it.

Thanks for listening!

Music Music For Video Games That Don't Exist

Ferret Girl

This is a faux side-scroller boss theme I wrote upon the suggestion of friend and fantastic vocal arranger Eric Hagmann. Be warned: although it’s just another chip tune, it’s a bit on the intense side compared with my usual work.

Hurry! Shoot apples at her or something!

I do enjoy writing music for video games that don’t exist. I wonder what this game would look like.

Thanks for listening!

Art Strays

Kerry’s Cake

My dear friend Kerry had difficulty procuring cake during lockdown for her birthday in January. This was the best I could do.

It’s the cake she deserves.

Thanks for visiting!

Music Music For Video Games That Don't Exist

The Item Shop

Here’s a micro-tune I made for the item shop in the game that doesn’t exist. My main inspirations for this little tune were legends Keiichi Suzuki and Sue Kasper.

Hope you saved up hun, because we now have *blue potions* in stock!

This was written in LMMS, and most of the instruments I used can be found in the zynaddsubfx plugin. Making silly music like this can cost next to nothing if you know where to look. Let me know if you ever want any help getting started.

Thanks for listening!